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Unteachable - Leah Raeder I think I'm more towards a 3.75 stars but overall I did like it--the rawness of her emotions
Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson I will admit I've had daydreams, not because it's what I want, but random thoughts of what would happened if either parent died before me. I have to say, this book really rocked my core. I can't even imagine. I live at home still at almost 27, and I feel miserable--I want out. But that's more about my independence, my age, life stage--I say I want distance from my family but have them taken away so early, I would breakdown for sure. The best thing about this book is that realize even if you've got a deadline you can still make it--Taylor knows her father but not truly to the core and this summer she did exactly that. The letter at the end had me so emotional the text was all blurry. I loved that she was able to put her life right-side up again and all with the help of her father even if she didn't realize it. It was his last gift to her. Definitely recommend this if you want 85% YA shenanigans, 15% bawling mess.
Night Film - Marisha Pessl Sovereign, deadly, and perfect.By far one of my favorites in 2013, maybe one of my favorites for a long time. The book is so captivating, takes you on twists and turns but while going through a haunted house of sorts. Dark, noir, brilliantly written and executed. Well done.
Faking It - Cora Carmack I liked this a lot because my home life is a little like Max's and have a mom who's against what the real me is. I actually enjoyed this book more than Losing It. I was happy Cade got over everything and started to lose himself in what mattered most instead of being stuck in the past.
The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay This book was heavy! Let me tell you, heavy stuff the main characters experience. I must say in the beginning the book was a bit slow. I a lot of description--in the head thoughts--but around a third of the way into the book there's much more dialogue and plot finally unfolding. I for the most part enjoyed all the characters. It's funny because its now the second book in a row where the main character has two different names from past lives lol! Overall this book was enjoyable and a bit heartbreaking. I like to read stuff like this because it brings me down to earth. Things could be a lot worse. And in this day and age, what happened into her is more and more likely to be plausible.
If I Lie - Corrine Jackson This book, man.....I'll tell ya! On a whim I clicked on a friend's status on here and saw she raved about this book. After already purchasing THREE books just ten minutes before (ugh I kno, I have an addiction--sue me) she convinced me & a few others that I MUST read this. And.....WOW! I loved it!!! Absolutely did! A heartbreaking tale of a happy couple that ends up having a few secrets which turn mole hills to MOUNTAINS! The evolution of Quinn/Sophie along with the other main characters are really great! My favorite hero of the story is George...don't...get me started. I just finished blowing my nose after all the happy & sad tears I got from this book. I HIGHLY recommend you checking this out!! I felt so happy to tweet the author because its been a while since I fell so hard for a book. I'm also really interested to check out whatever else she's got coming out too!
The Distance Between Us - Kasie West Really great read!! Caymen's dry sense of humor was my absolute favor part of this story. I also really enjoyed the progression of the relationship and friendship between Xander and Caymen. Overall I really liked this book
The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz Oh dear...what is going to happen next??!! I was decently happy how everything turned out :) I the scene with Nora and Søren with Marie-Laure was just....*holds back the tears* I understand everything completely but this just sealed the deal with their fate. I'm gonna need lots more of this though. I have a huge attachment to these characters! I want to always read about them. Series, singles, prequels, sequels--the whole shebang :)
The Mistress Files - Tiffany Reisz I liked the files....especially the second to last one...oh yes please :) is it July 30th yet?! I need the final book already!!!!
Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover I would say this is more a 3.5-3.75 star rating. I did enjoy reading from Smolder, I mean Holder's POV, buttttttt...if you know me & you know my reading habits from reading fic, you know I dislike switching POVs. But mostly? Re-reading things. Yes while there was a hefty chunk of the book that's new scenes or more of Holders POV, a lot is the same. Towards that last 30% of the book I was getting restless because I knew what was coming and that makes me lose intensity of the storyline. But overall I did like it. The letters to Les were helpful--overall I did enjoy the book! I mean duh, SMOLDER!!
The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp I liked it a lot. The ending fell a little flat but his POV was enjoyable & he started out with having a good plan to help out people but things just spiraled a little. Happy to see the movie but the trailer already has me disappointed about the adaptation. Surprise, surprise
Dare You To - Katie McGarry Really loved this and can't wait for Isaiah's tale & read the first! (I kno I did things backwards)


Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I really want to give this 4.5 (ugh goodreads, can't you give us half-stars?!) for falling in love with this book. I found myself as a mix of Wren and Cath. Wanting a little more in life like Wren but an introvert like Cath sometimes too. Levi was just....adorable beyond adorable! Reagan is my girl!! She was one of my favorite characters. I am a fanfiction reader so it was great to understand and be on the same level as these characters had. I could've dealt without the Simon Snow fic but I understood its purpose. Another great read from the badass Rainbow Rowell! I need it to be September so I can add it to my shelf!!
Pretty Girl-13 - Liz Coley What a creepy and disturbing story. Reminded me of Room by Emma Donoghue, only with a different twist. The alter-egos appearing was fascinating but at the same time so sad. Poor Angie dealt with so much. A few times with all of the POVs I was a bit confused on how the story moved from different points, sort of like Angie's blackouts. It's more disturbing because cases like this exist and you can't figure out out monsters like this do this, but more importantly, you wonder how the survivor was brave enough to stay through it and make it out alive instead of becoming the victim.
Speechless - Hannah Harrington I think if I had to rate this book it would be more like 3.75 stars. I have a difficult time reading books that have bullying as a subject because, I too have horror stories from school, nowhere near as brutal as Chelsea's were, but they're just terrible memories to look back on. I was really happy with the dedication Chelsea took and how her character was able to grow.

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