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I'm addicted to reading and buying books. It's a real sickness but one that I love to feed! Hopefully I can read and review. I usually post my book addiction on my blog as well:


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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell I really want to give this 4.5 (ugh goodreads, can't you give us half-stars?!) for falling in love with this book. I found myself as a mix of Wren and Cath. Wanting a little more in life like Wren but an introvert like Cath sometimes too. Levi was just....adorable beyond adorable! Reagan is my girl!! She was one of my favorite characters. I am a fanfiction reader so it was great to understand and be on the same level as these characters had. I could've dealt without the Simon Snow fic but I understood its purpose. Another great read from the badass Rainbow Rowell! I need it to be September so I can add it to my shelf!!

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