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I'm addicted to reading and buying books. It's a real sickness but one that I love to feed! Hopefully I can read and review. I usually post my book addiction on my blog as well:


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If I Lie - Corrine Jackson This book, man.....I'll tell ya! On a whim I clicked on a friend's status on here and saw she raved about this book. After already purchasing THREE books just ten minutes before (ugh I kno, I have an addiction--sue me) she convinced me & a few others that I MUST read this. And.....WOW! I loved it!!! Absolutely did! A heartbreaking tale of a happy couple that ends up having a few secrets which turn mole hills to MOUNTAINS! The evolution of Quinn/Sophie along with the other main characters are really great! My favorite hero of the story is George...don't...get me started. I just finished blowing my nose after all the happy & sad tears I got from this book. I HIGHLY recommend you checking this out!! I felt so happy to tweet the author because its been a while since I fell so hard for a book. I'm also really interested to check out whatever else she's got coming out too!

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