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I'm addicted to reading and buying books. It's a real sickness but one that I love to feed! Hopefully I can read and review. I usually post my book addiction on my blog as well:


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Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson I will admit I've had daydreams, not because it's what I want, but random thoughts of what would happened if either parent died before me. I have to say, this book really rocked my core. I can't even imagine. I live at home still at almost 27, and I feel miserable--I want out. But that's more about my independence, my age, life stage--I say I want distance from my family but have them taken away so early, I would breakdown for sure. The best thing about this book is that realize even if you've got a deadline you can still make it--Taylor knows her father but not truly to the core and this summer she did exactly that. The letter at the end had me so emotional the text was all blurry. I loved that she was able to put her life right-side up again and all with the help of her father even if she didn't realize it. It was his last gift to her. Definitely recommend this if you want 85% YA shenanigans, 15% bawling mess.

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