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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins This book was such a fun read!!! In the beginning you seem to think that Anna is half-lucky and half-shafted because she goes to Paris for her senior year of high school. From personal experience i was moved away from my friends and started my junior year of HS in a different state. My friends were a half hour away, but still, it's something no teen ever wants to happen. You make memories with your friends & to be taken away from that comfort zone is very disheartening. But then's PARIS!! Who wouldn't want to go, especially if every senior class had a St. Clair. God that character is words for how much I loved him. He was exactly what Anna needed!The writing is great--it's some typical teen situations but just the right amount of angst and love all at the same time. Seeing two friends figure out that they have more feelings towards each other is always a good storyline line. You read the signs & you as the reader can see where the doubt comes in but you always want your HEA.Definitely check this book out...really great book!!

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